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Virtual equipment with Greece360

Greece360 welcomes you to the world of virtual reality! A Greek company that counts the first 365 days of life, is here and will try to introduce you to the world of “360”, the world of Virtual Reality!
Is there an interactive way to display professional equipment? How does Virtual Reality help in this direction? There are many companies and countless examples. Indicatively we will mention shops with kitchens, sanitary ware stores, office equipment companies, electrical stores, professional equipment machines… The list is endless.
Through the internet, companies upload an image of a machine and add text, and if the company has a YouTube channel, the potential buyer can also see a video. In the world of Virtual Reality, everything we knew until today is being overturned! The prospective customer now has the ability to see the equipment in front of their eyes through augmented reality, another feature where the advertised equipment enters directly into the customer’s space and can be displayed on a 1: 1 scale in front of the customer in the form of absolute fidelity with that of the actual model.
A custom platform is created with all the equipment in 3D on each model separately, points are placed where the customer has the ability to “click” and receive in detail a lot of useful information such as video explanations, download flyers, listen to audio instructions, read points of attention and many more possibilities and all this takes place on the virtual object!
The future is here today and has a name and an identity.
Greece360 Virtual Reality We make the world Virtual
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