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Virtual Exhibition

Αt greece360 we create a virtual experience for the visitors of your exhibition.

visitors have the opportunity to walk virtually in the exhibition, to see your works up close,

εμπειρία 360 μοιρών

εμπειρία 360 μοιρών με την Greece360


to share the exhibition through social media, to leave comments which will

be published in the exhibition, you can record yourself and explain “live “your paintings,

and of course, you have the opportunity whenever you want to make a live

video call – tour with the participation of 40 people. a completely different experience

for your visitor-customer! Inside the 3D digital painting exhibition, the visitor can easily navigate and explore

your entire exhibition. if you wish there is the possibility to enter your exhibition only with passwords, to leave the e-mail

before entering the exhibition but also to pay a ticket if you wish

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