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Virtual Exhibition Features

In the virtual exhibition we have the ability to create unique content so that your visitor experiences an experience he has never encountered before. Within the 3D space that we will create the goal of Greece360 is not to leave your visitor
The experience can begin before the visitor even enters the 3D virtual exhibition in two basic ways. The first is the creation of an e-mail form where the visitor is obliged or not (it can be done as you wish) to write his e-mail with which he will make an effort to enter the exhibition.

This way you can inform him about your next exhibitions! The second way is to create a paid entry form, where your visitor must first pay for a ticket and then enter the exhibition.

After the entrance, the visitor can see the creator talking on video and welcoming him in his exhibition. On the virtual walls of the exhibition there is the possibility to display a website where the visitor can see and learn information about the artist. If the virtual trip has been translated, it is possible for it to automatically appear translated in the country from which the virtual trip will be opened as well as for users to change the language themselves from the language switch

A different tone in the user experience gives the possibility of background music when someone sees your virtual exhibition. Within the exhibition, the content can be shared both on social media and by e-mail the page of the exhibition.


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