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Partnership with Greece360

5 Months Partnership Contract

Before starting the creation of a virtual 3D painting exhibition, I send you the text of our agreement and you return it back to me signed. Tell me if you are a professional so that I can proceed with the invoicing or if you just want a receipt. If we agree then you send me that we will have agreed like photos, videos, a few words about you

Partnership with Greece360

Hosting in Greece360

All the exhibitions in the 3 available packages offered by greece360 are hosted exclusively in a space available by Greece360 on the internet. If you still want us to give you the files (which will always be the property of Greece360) then send us your request via e-mail so that we can mention the cost list. In this case you can embed it on your website

video call

Live Virtual Tours Inside Exhibition

In the virtual painting exhibition you have the opportunity to arrange and organize a video call with your potential customers. in the gold package your visitors may have limited accessibility. In the diamond package you have absolute accessibility from all your visitors.

video call

On Line Forms

Do you want to approach customers according to the goals you have set? You tell us what information you want your customers to see in the form of an online form and we intensify the form in the virtual painting exhibition

Advertise with Greece360

Advertise to Greece360 Social Media

Greece360 for advertising purposes can upload your boards to its social networks in order to increase the advertising of the virtual 3D exhibition. It can do this on any social network that has an account




Visitors Impressions

Visitors of the exhibition can write impressions about the painting exhibition and Greece360 display them in the virtual painting exhibition





Video Presentation

Capture yourself with your camera send it to Greece360 and we will make sure to present it in the virtual 3D virtual painting exhibition


Choose environment

We give you the opportunity to choose which of the 3D virtual painting exhibitions you want to use for the painting exhibition

sales with greece360

Your Personal details inside Exhibition

There is the possibility within the 3D virtual painting exhibition to place information about you the painter. Depending on the package you choose the information will be with more details and more images. in silver will include an image and a text paragraph                    








Social Media Share

Let Customers share the Exhibition

Greece360 has the ability to place within the 3D virtual painting exhibition next to each of your paintings, a menu button where visitors can share the virtual painting exhibition on their social networks

Social Media Share

Audio Paint Presentation

For each painting you can record its description aloud and add this feature to the 3D painting exhibition. with this feature you increase the movement in your virtual painting exhibition and more clients will visit your exhibition