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In the pro services that we offer to our clients, there is also the service “Live tour in the virtual painting exhibition” It is a service that comes to be added to the services of the virtual exhibition and really takes the experience to the next level! Now the customers will have the opportunity to be guided in your exhibition by yourself! Very easy to handle by both you and your customers.

Greece360 gives you a code wherewith the instructions from us you are transported to a different environment in your virtual painting exhibition. Your clients – visitors of the painting exhibition can invite you either by video call or by internet connection.

εμπειρία 360 μοιρών

εμπειρία 360 μοιρών με την Greece360

From the moment they start and enter the exhibition, you will receive messages accepting the video call or the simple call. When all those you have invited will gather then you will have the opportunity to start an online virtual tour of your visitors. The system has been made so that whatever movements you make on your screen, your visitors can see the same!

In case a visitor wants clarifications for a painting or for a part of your virtual painting exhibition, then you have the opportunity to navigate to anyone who requests it. Wherever his screen goes, everyone who participates in the live navigation – a tour of your virtual painting exhibition will be able to see it.

All these unique possibilities are given only by Greece360 and in fact when you want to make a video call, whenever you want, you can do it yourself since you will have this possibility


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