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Greece360 comes to “shake the waters” of the online tour in the 3D exhibition by you creators!

Now in the 3D virtual painting exhibition the creators have a unique possibility. Make a video call in the virtual report. The creators, following instructions given by Greece360, enter a unique code on their computer screen, then the invited visitors begin to enter the virtual 3D painting exhibition, where they can enter either by video call or by phone only after acceptance of the creator!

Once your visitors enter the virtual 3D exhibition, you can start the tour! Whatever moves you make on your screen in your virtual exhibition, this move will be seen by your visitors. If a visitor wishes, he can ask your permission for a while to get the motion of the virtual exhibition where everyone will see the movements that the visitor will make. This is because a visitor may not have understood well what you said or what you showed and with this opportunity they can show it and have a response to everyone.

With this unique opportunity that Greece360 gives you, you create the foundations to build a different relationship with your audience, you can encourage them to buy your works, to share their experience on social media as this whole experience will be something unique for your customers! Do not forget that Greece360 provides you with this option with the pro subscription and you can do it as many times as you wish!

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