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About Us

In a rapidly growing society, Greece360 will always be present in all the developments of technology and always close to the creators  of art.

It is an opportunity to thank each artist individually among those who have trusted us, as well those who will trust us!

Our headquartersare located in beautiful Greece and we are willing to contribute for a better image for our country and for a positive impression. The goal of our team is to be able to give both our visitors and creators a new perspective on what Virtual Art Galerie means.

Our team works daily to offer to its clients unique experiences, providing all the technological possibilities to the Creators. They know that in Greece360 they will find their own, new home and benefit from all tools that today’s advanced technology offers.

Our framework will be the exhibitions creation for Artists of all kinds, but soon they will be offered distance learning platforms, using virtual reality technology.






Support team

In Greece360 we are committed to finding solutions against any technological challenge. All Artists visiting Greece360 will be able to communicate in real-time (during Greece working hours zone) or within few hours, using all means of communication (e-mails, facebook messenger, Linkedin platform).


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Monique Laville

Professionnel PAintre 

Kazuki Kurosawa

Japanese Painter

Εικονική Περιήγηση στις εγκαταστάσεις   σας με την Greece360